Monday, January 15, 2007

I forgot to mention yesterday that I dipped out on the chap with the rock. I wonder if he returned it?

Rob had an adult Yellow legged Gull at Boulmer today.


nicola said...

would hope he did return it!

chris foggo said...

went to see the waxwings at north seaton cemetery yesterday 17th
got all prepared for some cracking digiscope shots.
got zoomed in for the perfect picture,oh dear what is that flashing red light on the top corner of the screen it couldent be oh yes it could the dreaded flat battery icon,drat foiled again.
sorry dont know if i have got the hang of this blogging lark am i supposed to reply to your post or waffle on about my own misfortune
anyway did he er return rock i wont sleep tonight untill i find out.

Boulmer Birder said...

Hello Chris. Feel free to comment as and when you like, it gives me something to read. If you want to do your own blog, its a doddle, just go to and set away. The other comment on here from anonynous, is a spam spreading tosser with nothing better to do than clog up peoples blogs with bollocks.
So, I am glad for anyone who wants to have a genuine comment or piece of chat no matter how small or basic, but anon spammers are parasites.
Nice to see there are a few Waxwings at last, and yep the fellow did put his rock back. See his pic in the Northumberland Gazette ( anyone can probably see it online if you do a search).
Keep birding, Cheers S..

st said...

you need to include a word/image reconigtion section in your blog (leave your comment here)comment as Border Birds has. THis will stop the automatic spam that offers pics of the lesser feathered variety.BUT won't stop the tossers.

nicola said...

you can delete the comments through the dash board, you can also set it so that anon bloggers can not leave messages, anon bloggers can be pains in the arses

Boulmer Birder said...

Thanks ST and Nic for the info. I like sensible ( or even not so sensible) comments as long as they are real. I will try some options later.
Cheers, S...

Brian said...

Hi Stewart,I have enjoyed your blog so much you have inspired me to start a blog "Northumbrian Birding" not about any patch as such more general, as much for anyone wanting to visit the area or those with a local interest.