Monday, September 25, 2006

Some more September patch ticks.

Today started off fine calm and clear. I had five minutes on my way to work this morning and checked the bushes on the edge of the golfcourse. The main reason for this is that the area is easily checked from the hard road surface so feet stay dry.
There were no birds in the bushes but overhead were 2 Lesser Redpolls S (145) and 1 Siskin N.

This afternoon had some rain and fog so I got home from work earlier than expected tonight and headed to Seaton Point to see if the Spotted Flycatcher, found earlier today by Rob, was still around. Luckily it was, a juvenile showing some cream spotting on the scapulars. It perched on a barbed wire fence at Seaton Point house for ten minutes or more, until I left it.(146) Pity I didnt take the camera, shots would have been a doddle. Its amazing what you see when you haven't got your they say. A Grey Wagtail flew N here, calling.

I was on my way back home at 6.00pm and decided to check the row of trees on the edge of the housing estate. It is easy from the car. I was suprised to see a few birds flickering in and out of the whitebeam and sycamore cover so pulled up for a better look.
First bird seen well was a nice Yellow browed Warbler. It was remakably slow and sedate for this species and did not call at first, just looking down only a few yards away. It soon perked up and began feeding along the line of trees and into nearby gardens, calling softly 'cheewit' several times.
The two good wing bars with black shadow could be easily seen as could the long yellowish supercillium. A small squat phyllosc, even its head profile was recognisable. I was very pleased with it after Rob had one yesterday down at Alnmouth Golfcourse. (147)
Kepping the Yellow brow company were 1 'acredula'type Willow Warbler and a Chiffchaff.

A single Red throated Diver was on the sea off Seaton Point, 5 Common Scoter flew N and a single Razorbill was close inshore.

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