Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Its a while since I have posted any moths on here, so this is a photo blog of some recent ones...

The Olive. A rare garden record, my third.

Top - Dark Marbled Carpet, bottom - Common Marbled Carpet showing clinching underwing of DMC compared to the obvious CMC.

Rush Veneer a scarce migrant here.

Another scarce migrant, Rusty Dot Pearl.

Sallow, I like this one on Fox and Cubs.

This drab creature is a first for Northumberland, a Leek Moth. Always good to get a county first.

Only my second ever Red Underwing avoiding the trap altogether. Bait especially laid out for this and Old Lady. The latter still not on the Howick list.

Scarce Bordered Straw, a garden first of this rare migrant up here.

Dark Spectacle, the latest county record by 1 day.

My second Northumberland first, a Feathered Ranunculus. A macro first! Get in....

Everyone's fave, Merveille du Jour.

Dark Chestnut

Red line Quaker.


  1. Something for everyone there Stewart.

  2. Beautiful moths, I am interested to know have your numbers been down this year ?
    Amanda xx

  3. Steve - Yes, there always is, a veritable pick n mix.

    Amanda - I think slightly down though there have been a lot of interesting species this year.